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Home Work Out

WSC Family,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Below are a few options for our soccer players to get some touches on the ball everyday during this time of social distancing. 20 minutes a day with a ball at their feet, practicing some skills and fitness will go a long way to help player development.

Parents, to add to your long list of roles, you are now all soccer coaches and can join in and show your players where they got their soccer skills!!!

All these exercises can be done in a small space, inside or in your yard. The last link has a few exercises that you might need a bit more space for but there are plenty of exercises you can work on. Enjoy!


Wall & Ball work out.

For this you will need a ball, a wall and 2 cones/markers/sweaters/


Cone Dribbling

For this you will need a ball and some cones or some items you can dribble between.


Toptekkers Skills app

This app is free and allows players to try and complete challenges to get to a new level.


100 Individual Soccer training drills

Some exercises might need a bit more space than others but most can be done in a small space.