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Please DO NOT Choose Your Own Number.

Since each class will alternate years pairing as an age group with the grade above and below it, we assign each grade a specific range of numbers to minimize the chance of duplication between teammates.  


To order a uniform:


PreK-2 In-Town Program

Our PreK-2 players do NOT need to order a uniform.  The WSC provides jerseys for Weekday Skills and Sunday Game Day.


3rd-8th Grade Travel (BAYS) Program

If your player is in the 3rd -12th grade then you need a maroon WSC game day uniform.

Our new uniform (which we are adopting for the Fall 2022 season) is very slightly different from our old uniform – BUT if your young player still has the prior version of the uniform, you do NOT have to buy a new uniform unless you want to.  The colors of the old and new uniforms are the same and referees accept either uniform.

WSC players wear black shorts and socks.  These are available from WeGotSoccer but you may use other black shorts or socks if you already have a supply.


What About My Number?

The WSC will assign your child a number for the back of the jersey that will stay with your child throughout his/her WSC years.  PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE YOUR OWN NUMBER.

  • If you are registering a rising 3rd grader OR a young player who needs a uniform for the first time, contact Club Administrator Angel Portella at for a number
  • Please do NOT choose one yourself

If you currently have a uniform with a number, you MUST order a new uniform with THE SAME number if/when you buy a new one unless you request and receive a new number.

You may use an older sibling's uniform IF that uniform number is not already in use within the grade.  E-mail to confirm the availability of the number.


More Ordering Information

The Weston Soccer Club store at WeGotSoccer is open 24/7/365 and WeGotSoccer always fulfills your order ASAP (some periods are busier than others).

We advise placing your order ASAP to be sure your uniform arrives before the start of the season.  FOR THE FALL 2022 SEASON WE STRONGLY ADVISE PLACING YOUR ORDER BEFORE 7 JULY, 2022.

Here is the link to Nike’s online size guide.  You can switch back and forth from the boys chart to the girls chart (for clothing AND for shoes) from this page: