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Club Policies

Holidays and Religious Observances

The Weston Soccer Club’s policy is to plan the seasons and events under its control without privilege or prejudice to any faith or family choice.  Fall and Spring season plans are comprised of 10 weeks, with time left at the end for makeup sessions needed due to weather or other events of force majeure.  Within such seasons, recurring club-run events such as Weekday Skills sessions, Sunday Game Days and Age Group sessions will inevitably conflict with certain religious observances or school/state/federal holidays.  Our policy is to hold such events irrespective of conflicts so that every family has the choice of a full 10-week season while the club retains the flexibility of a makeup week if needed.


The Weston Soccer Club community is diverse in its choices of faiths, schools, and travel.  We best serve that community by offering a consistent and reliable program that supports all choices of faith and family and is flexible in helping our young players not miss a minute of soccer if there are safe alternatives for them.  Players who miss a club event due to reasons of faith/family may make up that event if there is a similar event.  For example, a player who misses a Weekday Skills or Age Group session due to a religious observance or family travel on holidays may attend a different session of the same event for the same or adjacent age group at a different time that week.


N.B.  Team training sessions are considered team rather than club events and are held at the discretion of the head coach.  BAYS games for 3rd-8th graders are considered BAYS league events and are subject to BAYS rules re: rescheduling.