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REGISTRATION for Spring 2022 BAYS (3rd-8th Grade) ⚽️ Season is NOW OPEN

By John Power, 10/27/21, 1:30PM EDT


Registration Closes 19 November - Sign Up & Try Out, Only 5 Months Until Spring!!

Registration for the Spring 2022 BAYS (3rd-8th grade) Soccer Season is Now Open


Background Info

We said back in September that we had made a conscious decision this season to welcome everyone who wanted to play, including families who, for many reasons, missed our registration deadlines.  An unprecedented pandemic with far-ranging social implications for children called for unusual measures.

All signs pointed to treating this fall as a season of community rather than one of strict deadlines, and we are glad that we did so.  But that path came with the expected consequences of less playing time and more challenging placements on some of our teams.

It’s important that we do our best to give our young players and their volunteer coaches the best chance to have a great WSC experience in the Spring 2022 season.  We can do that in TWO key ways:

1 - Attend the tryouts that we have scheduled for your young player’s age group.  Grouping players accurately by skill is a vital component in ensuring the best development experience for the greatest number of players in both training and game environments

2 - Register on time.  BAYS (our league) asks us in early January how many teams we will want to field for the spring season.  We base that number on the number of players in the age group.  It is HARD to add new teams, so we need an accurate player count up front.  Registering on time gives us that count (and gives our volunteer staff a chance to enjoy the holiday season while still getting our BAYS requests done on time).

Thank you for your goodwill this fall, Weston, and welcome to all the families who joined the WSC for the first time.  We're looking forward to crushing a more normal Spring 2022 season!!


Registration Info

·         Deadline for Grades 3 – 8: November 19, 2021 

·         Register at Weston Soccer Club | AdminSports 

  • That link will take you to the Weston Soccer Club page of Adminsports, our registration/payments partner.
    • If you've registered a player in prior seasons you'll have an account here and you can sign in and register again.
    • If you've never registered before, create your family account and you're ready to sign up.



 Soccer is a TEAM sport! Please consider your child’s ability to commit to a team before you register. Grades 3-6: Two practices and games on Saturdays. Grades 7-8: practices at the discretion of the coach, and a game on Saturday. 

 Be sure to register before November 19, 2021 for grades 3-8. Players who register late may be placed on a waitlist and will be accepted ONLY if space is available on an appropriate teamA non-refundable $50 late fee will be applied to late registrations. 

 BAYS Uniforms: Players in grades 3-8 need the maroon BAYS uniform. Information about ordering a uniform can be found on our website at

 Late withdrawals can leave a team shorthanded, and negatively impact the team experience for all. Please refer to our refund policy prior to registering:

 A waiver for the registration fee for financial hardship is available on request.

 If you have questions about registering please contact Angel Portella at Questions about Spring 2022 season details please contact Chris DiCecca at