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Pre-K thru 2nd Grade Spring 2021: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

By John Power, 12/04/20, 2:45PM EST


Tell Us What You'd Like!! We'll Announce the New Program in January 2021

WSC Pre-K thru 2nd Grade Spring 2021:  UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Historically...the PreK soccer season has only been 5-6 weeks long.

Historically...K-2 has started weeks later than the 3rd-8th grade BAYS program and ended sooner..

Historically...K-2 has had 7 weeks of weekday sessions but only 5 weeks of Sunday Game Days.

The WSC recognizes that Fall 2020 was an unusual time and that the enthusiasm for extending the season may have been related to unusual factors...but it's worth asking whether that enthusiasm simply means that people want more opportunities to play Pre-K thru 2nd Grade soccer.

So the program is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, and we'll announce details of the new program in January 2021.  What would you like to see in the new program?  Email us at with your thoughts, and thank you as always for your engagement and support!!