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Weston Soccer Uniform

By Lee Moyce, 07/01/19, 5:45PM EDT


Weston Soccer Families,

We are changing our uniform vendor for the Fall 2019 season and beyond. This note will explain why, as well as whether this change affects you and how to order a new uniform IF you want or need one.


We changed to our current uniform vendor because we grew tired of having major brands change style or, in some cases, change color on us because maroon is not a core color in their palette.  Our current vendor makes everything to order, which meant that our design and color would never change unless we wanted it to.

The “made to order” feature of the new manufacturer required us to order in bulk in specified time windows, and for a variety of reasons this has not been a convenient process for our WSC families.  We have spoken to and heard from many families about this challenge, and we’ve tried a number of solutions including pushing the manufacturer for longer windows and buying our own inventory for emergencies.

Regrettably, we still have too many inconveniences for our families. So, we’re making a change.


We are moving to a Nike uniform, which you can see pictured via the link to the online store below, and will use WeGotSoccer, down in Foxboro as our supplier.  Advantages of this arrangement include:

  • Anytime ordering
  • Immediate shipment
  • Lower price
  • Local vendor; convenient pickup if you need it faster
  • Lower prices for associated spirit wear (club t-shirts, hoodies, etc.)



If your young player is in our K-2 program you do NOT need to buy a uniform.

If your young player is entering 3rdgrade this coming fall, 2019, then this is the uniform you will buy.  

Your child will be assigned a number on the back of the jersey that will stay with your child throughout his/her WSC years.

Number assigment is on the attatchment on this e-mail.

If your young player is older than 3rdgrade but needs a new uniform due to size, loss or fashion preference, this is the uniform you will buy.

The new uniform will look different from our old uniform – BUT if your young player has a perfectly good uniform that works for you, you do NOT have to buy a new uniform unless you want to.

The new uniform will use black socks instead of maroon (maroon socks are not as reliably available from the new manufacturer).  Feel free to use other black shorts or socks if you already have a supply.



Summer is peak order fulfillment time, so we need to have our orders in by 15 July in order to ensure delivery before the fall season begins.

The Weston Soccer Club store at WeGotSoccer will remain open 24/7/365 and WeGotSoccer will always fulfill your order ASAP (some periods are busier than others!!).

  • If you miss the 15 July deadline they WILL still fulfill your order but you might not receive it for the beginning of the season


Here is the link to Nike’s online size guide.  You can switch back and forth from the boys chart to the girls chart (for clothing AND for shoes) from this page:

The chart with all of our current player number assignments is attached to this email:

  • All players are listed alphabetically as one group; last name is the 2ndcolumn
  • You will be prompted by the WeGotSoccer store to enter your number
  • You MUST enter the number that WSC has assigned you – if you don’t have an assigned number, ask our Director of Coaching, Lee Moyce, to give you one.  Lee’s email address is


To order a uniform:

  • Find your player’s number on the attached list
  • Enter the WSC store at WeGotSoccer via this link:
    • Find the Uniforms tab in the menu on the left
    • Order
    • At checkout use the reward code WESTONREWARD to get 10% off the price of your purchase.


We’re optimistic that this solution will prove more durable than others in the past.  Please address any questions to WSC Board member Attia Linnard,, who has worked with WeGotSoccer to create this option for us, or to me, John Power,


Remember – IF you want to order a new uniform and IF you want to guarantee that you get it before the Fall 2019 season opens, you MUST order by 15 July!!


Have a wonderful summer, WSC fams.  We hope you’re having fun following the US women in their World Cup run and the US men in the Gold Cup.  The women have played their way to the semi-finals…and the men have a player named Weston!!



President, Weston Soccer Club